SMART ASSETS creates and develops innovative, mobile solutions and provides consulting, business development and incubation services for telecommunications and web projects.


High-quality consulting services that focus on the profitability, sustainability and overall success of our clients’ businesses, projects and startups.


Creation and development of custom-tailored digital solutions, utilising state-of-the-art technologies with an emphasis on the best possible user experience.


Sector-specific management analysis and coaching of innovative startups and their projects, managed by an experienced and multi-faceted team of experts.


The SMART ASSETS team consists of experts in the sectors of telecommunications and digital technologies with reach into an international network.

Michael Rabenstein

Managing partner

Telecoms expert, innovation manager and marketing strategist

Georg Sonnleitner

Managing partner

Due Diligence expert, finance analyst, tax and corporate advisor

Mohammad Naghavi

Chief Technology Officer

Experienced developer, software architect and technical leader